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We invite you to view AquaPisces software in it’s entirety. AquaPisces will be linked to Jotiz Native Portfolio in the long run. Right now, it does not save any data. You can be rest assured that your data or privacy will never be compromised. Besides, we have always advocated that when entering birth or personal data, do not enter last names or if you can remember – obfuscate the first name – the birth data without any correlated name is meaningless. AquaPisces will not ask you for information like current address, social security or credit card anywhere in the process. If you do receive any email or see such pages or links, please notify us immediately.


AquaPisces offers an elegant interface which is Responsive - it works on all devices, desktops, laptops, tablets and smart-phones. If some things are not available in the browser you are using, the site will degrade automatically without much problems.

Printed Matter allows you to get a detailed analysis of your chart and progression, your constitution and doshas exactly the way Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, Christian Astrology, Horary and Brihat Jataka or Charaka’s treatise on Ayurveda is organized. It is virtually like Sages and wise men giving you his analysis of your chart.

One Engine, Many Flavors has a core engine which runs out of the Amazon Cloud in N. Virginia. Several websites like Jyotish.Work, Jotiz.Com, Agnicure uses the core engine to bring you different flavors of the engine.